Do you have a beginner’s class?
Yes and No. We have trainers that are able to modify any exercise to meet your individual needs. We make sure that there are plenty of staff members in the studio to give you the individualized training required so that you will feel comfortable and able to train properly.

How long do the kickboxing classes last?
Our classes last 60 minutes.

What are the membership and class prices?
We have a variety of membership options but our most popular price is $125 a month for unlimited classes.

Do you offer walk-in classes?
We do not offer walk-in classes. We believe in creating a family-like environment where everyone feels a part of our fitness family. We cannot ensure that your specific fitness goals are being met if we are not holding you accountable and encouraging you to come to class.

How many classes per week would you recommend?
We have classes 6 days a week so the amount of classes you take need to be based on your schedule. However, to see maximum results we encourage you to attend class 3-4 times a week.

Will kickboxing help me tone up?
Absolutely! With a full body workout during every class how could it not? You will see results quickly based on the amount of times you are in the studio and how you alter your diet. Kickboxing has the right balance of cardio and resistance training into one all-inclusive exciting workout!